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Alba and Langhe

The autumn is the best season for the truffles but every period is fine to discover this special corner of Italy.

Langhe and Roero hide an inestimable patrimony, a landscape strongly characterised by its vineyards, this crop has ended up by moulding the hills and it is able, with the changing of the seasons, to offer incredible chromatic combinations of iridescent colours with the changing of the seasons.

Vineyards, woodlands, colours, scents all mingle and intertwine in a territory which reserves innumerable unexpected surprises, which leave us feeling incredulous at the ever-changing views …


We’ll advise you on what to see and do, help you with arrangements and reservations, and cater to your every need. From touch down to take-off, your stay in Alba will be guided by the city’s best-informed residents.

Our Assistance and support is our goal

  • Private parking free of charge for your car
  • Itineraries among Hamlets and Castle
  • Escursion to
  • Week end gourmet
  • The truffles fair
  • Itineraries by bike
  • Itineraries by motorbyke
  • Trekking